He's absolutely one of the best therapists I've ever encountered. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Robert Jackman is a great counselor! As a counselor that has collaborated with him on projects, I believe that he is an asset to the community as well as someone who is genuinely trying to grow and improve the field of counseling!

Just a wonderful person to talk to and discuss the problems you may have. He gives you the tools to fix your condition.

Bob has a great sense of determining where you are in the process of seeing the problems and the unhealthy parts of the relationship. He then guides you through thoughtful appropriate next steps for yourself and your partner to reach an understanding. Then heal, then grow.

Along the way he helps you to define healthy boundaries for better communication and the betterment of your relationship, and to an understanding of what you can or can't control within the relationship and your partner.

When looking to center yourself and to realize what you can bring out in yourself, Bob's approach allows you to find personal strengths and put weaknesses in perspective. This provides a way to discover or rediscover your natural talents and to self motivate to new levels of joy within your life.

Bob can provide and enable significant insights into the past / present / and potential future of your spiritual awareness and growth.He clearly provides guidance to be able to differentiate between fate and positive and negative acts of free will, helping you find your sense of place as a person in this life.

Words that best describe Bob Jackman
* Respect
* Professionalism
* Compassion
* Desire
* Commitment
* Dedication

There are several more words that come to mind when I think of Bob, but these words best describe the qualities he posses which enabled me to be very successful while working with him &gratefully had stood the test of time.

The single largest everyday tool Bob introduced me to was boundary setting & control. He opened my eyes to the prospects of emotional freedom. Freedom from myself. By this I mean, I was an enabler & co-dependent for most of my life. With all of his knowledge & wisdom he was able to guide me into uncharted territory, territory I didn’t want to go to, it was too painful, always someone else’s fault. As Bob lead the charge to my emotional freedom from myself I was very eager to get started.

Not always easy to face myself, Bob’s gentle nature gave me the courage to finally take full responsibility for my co-dependency & enabling habits that were constantly sabotaging me from emotional freedom.

Bob provides me with a safe & comfortable environment which has allowed me to be extremely successful in achieving my long term goal of self awareness. Bob has an amazing ability to give you all the tools necessary to achieve whatever your goals maybe as long as you are willing to do the “work” yourself.

He accomplishes this by complete professionalism & respect for me no matter what the issues may be. Once I made the commitment to myself & Bob that I was ready to work on myself, face my own fears & weaknesses & work ONLY on myself everything began to fall into place. He has a very strong desire & commitment to assist me in this journey to a healthier & happier me.

I am completely convinced without Bob Jackman’s dedication to the commitment I made to myself & him to do the work, I would not be experiencing my life authentically. Working with Bob gave me the strength to walk away from very unhealthy & dysfunctional relationships. To understand I am the one in control of my life. He gave me all the necessary tools I was lacking in order to change myself, which has given me a life I only dreamt about & thought everyone else had except me.
I will be grateful to Bob Jackman for his commitment to my journey.

Bob creates a calm, inviting and safe environment. There is no judgment, nor will he tell you what you simply want to hear. Our conversations are thought-provoking and help me to dig deep. I appreciate that he gives me tools and techniques that I use in my life to find resolve and peace. I'm happy to say that I carry Dr. Bob with me in my head every day.

I know Bob through his work as a volunteer staffing Victories weekend retreats for men. Men who are asked to staff are a special breed and in the 8 years I have been doing these personal growth weekends, I'd easily place Bob in the top 5 of hundreds of men, and there is stiff competition. While I do not know him as a therapist, I would have absolutely no reservation in recommending him to anyone. He's simply a special human being, with deep intuition, only matched by his intellect and skill as a counselor, a friend, and fellow human being.

-Tim Winkler, Executive Director, Victories of the Heart, NFP